Health. Check. At least to an extent. Mental health. Not so much. In a country where we prefer self-medications and quack treatment mechanisms for physical ailments, it is no surprise that mental health remains an unpalatable topic of discussion. In the words of C S Lewis, “The frequent attempt to…

The Education Department of the Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) seems to be enforcing the installation and use of Zoom to enable virtual classroom learning, and this last-ditch resort seems to be a damp squib

The most prominent WhatsApp message circulating in the staff groups of the Corporation schools in Chennai in the last couple of days reads as follows:

“Dear HMs, through your teachers ask all your 10th STD students to install Zoom app in their mobiles. Online teaching to begin next week.”


Giridharan Raghuraman

Blogger. Storyteller. Teacher.

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